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The time is always right for a steaming, soothing cup of tea. There are very few people in our family, society, or even the country who don’t like tea. Some people are downright obsessed with tea! So, it is time to honor the inner tea lover in you. Masala tea or Cha (some people call it Chai), is a delicacy in tea that most tea lovers don’t want to miss. Especially in this monsoon season, it’s almost a necessity. Most people who have blocked sinuses or have cold related problems, consider this an all-round -the-year drink. With continuous rain on the horizon, let’s talk about a simple Masala Tea Recipe that you can whip up at your home easily. A steaming hot tea, after a healthy breakfast with a tasty omelette and juice can get your morning started in a jiffy.

Let’s differentiate Masala tea from the normal one first. When we use a certain type of whole spice or a number of whole spices with regular tea, then we get Masala Tea. But there is a certain method or measure of what you should add, or how much you shouldn’t. So let’s break down a simple recipe for you to follow at home. 

Masala Tea Recipe: Ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon tea powder or leaves
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • 3 cloves
  • Half or one piece of Cinnamon
  • 4 pieces of Green Cardamom
  • Milk (According to Preference)


First, we have to take the spices and ground them up, preferably in a small mortar or use a knife’s sides. You can crush them into fine powder or leave a few bits. In consequent preps you will know your preferred flavor. 

Then, pour the water in a teapot and add the tea leaves. You can also use tea bags (3-4 bags). Make sure you let the black tea simmer first. Keep the flame on the low side, that will ensure the best taste. Boil for a few minutes until the tea turns light dark. Add the ground spice along with ground ginger if you want. 

Add sugar to the concoction next, 3-4 tablespoons should be enough. But that depends on your preference. Next, Pour milk according to your preference into the simmering milk. Keep the mix on boil for a few minutes until the tea turns dark. If you want a thicker texture, let it simmer for a bit. Add tulsi leaves for a more spicy flavor variation. Take a taste test, if you see the milk taste isn’t there, then let it simmer for a bit. Next, Filter out the leaves and enjoy your healthy and steaming Masala Chai!

If you still have some craving for bubble tea or hot mocha after your masala tea session, search your favorite coffee and tea places on Hungrynaki. Enjoy the monsoon with a cup in your hand! 

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