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If you are a regular customer of HungyNaki food delivery service, then you surely know about the HN credit. Moreover, the HN credit system is popular amongst the client. You can enjoy a convenient online food delivery service through HN credit.

Let’s have a detailed look at HN credit and how this can be used for a better customer experience-

What is HN credit?

Customers get HN Credit when they are qualified to receive a refund on their past orders. HN Credit can be applied to any type of food order in HungryNaki.

How do you receive HN credit?

Generally, HN Credit is given to customers for any kind of trouble with online payments. Also, if your order is canceled by our customer support due to certain reasons, the refund is settled as HN Credit in your HN Wallet. This usually takes place when you have prepaid food orders online.

How you can use HN credit?

You can order food online by using your HN credit in HungryNaki. HN Credit can be applied to any order by following the steps below:

  1. Create a regular order in the Hungry Naki app
  2. At the top of the screen, you’ll find HN Credit Icon
  3. That icon will take you to HN Credit Page where you can check your available HN Credit.
  4. Click on HN Credits that will take you to the cart.
  5. Confirm your order from the cart by tapping “Confirm Your Order”.

So what you are waiting for? The best online food delivery service HungryNaki is waiting for you with the best online food ordering experience in Bangladesh.

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