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How to Get Refund from HungryNaki?

First food delivery app (company) in Bangladesh HungryNaki is now well accessible across the major parts of the country. The popular restaurants with favourite dishes for which you are craving all are available in HungryNaki right now. But in case if any inaccuracy is felt in ordering food, grocery or medicine, there’s always an open option to return through which you will be refunded the exact amount of money you paid for the order.

How to get refund from hungrynaki returning the items

Firstly, login to hungrynaki account with your mobile number,

Secondly, Go to My Account option,

Thirdly, Click on Past Orders,

Fourthly, Now Select the Order you want to return and click on Return option.

Do you know what refund options are available right now in hungrynaki?

Now you can choose your preferred refund method which will be useful for you. The shipping fee is refunded along with the amount paid for your returned product.

The HungryNaki Refund Methods are:

  • HN Wallet
  • Bkash
  • Bank card

Want to know how long the refund process is?

Actually it depends on which refund method you have chosen. But no worries now HungryNaki refund process is way faster than before and you will be contacted about the real time period by the hungrynaki team.

What’s your experience in HungryNaki? Just let us know in the comment section to improve us more. Do you know that along with groceries, medicines are available in hungrynaki now. Order, Eat and Enjoy!

hungrynaki ensures proper safety for food delivery

How HungryNaki Has Prepared for The 2nd Phase of Lockdown (2021)

As expected by many, an increase of COVID-19 cases is observed all over the globe and Bangladesh is no exception. As the overall situation in the country worsened rapidly, the government is forced to announce a new lockdown to control the condition in Corona.

In this second wave of Corona, COVID’19 disease has become stronger than before. The number of people infected by Corona and dying this year is not less than last year. So there is no alternate for self-care.

Let’s take a look at what to do in the second stream of Corona and life in the lockdown:

Why Bangladeshi Netizens Should Stay Home

  • By staying home, you are not exposed to others who may be coronavirus carriers outside of the home.
  • The fewer people you’re around, the less likely you are to be infected by coronavirus.
  • You are actually protecting your family members by staying home and out of the public during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Social distancing can make it harder for the virus to spread. This will help us all to be safe.

How You Can Be Safe During the Second Wave of Coronavirus

  • Use home delivery from HungryNaki for essential foods.
  • If you need to go out in public places, maintain social distancing from others and cover your mouth and nose with an appropriate mask.
  • If it is possible, work from home.
  • Avoid using any kind of public transportation, taxis, or ridesharing as much as probable.
  • Wash your hands properly when you are outside.
  • Don’t touch your face and mouth with your hand. Otherwise, you will be affected easily.

Why Trusting HungryNaki in This Lockdown

As online food delivery services can be your best friend in this lockdown, you can trust HungryNaki for safer and reliable contactless home delivery. 

  • HungryNaki food packaging is being done with maximum care with hygiene and sanitation.
  • Cleaning the entire facilities at 2-hour intervals
  • Most employees work from home. HungryNaki is carrying out operations in shifts with 50% HR capacity.
  • Disinfection-booth at the entrance of the office/hub for measuring employees’ temperatures and maintaining consistent social distance by 6 feet.
  • Employees who are coming to the office, or riders who are taking deliveries – their health condition is checked first and only then they are allowed to make deliveries. disinfection-booth at the entrance of the facilities; 
  • All employees involved in delivery are using the best safety equipment to ensure proper safety.
  • Every package is instructed to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep so that a germ-free delivery is confirmed
  • HungryNaki riders are also trained and monitored to maintain proper protective equipment while on the roads and completing deliveries
  • You can pay online which is a quite safer method in this pandemic situation. HungryNaki is also encouraging touchless delivery and touchless transaction among the customers for their protection.

Therefore when your and your family’s safety is the prior issue, HungryNaki online food delivery service can be your best companion in terms of affordable price and safety measurement. And we’re trying our best to ensure the most dependable online service to our customers in this pandemic situation.

Stay home, let us deliver.

contact hungrynaki

How Can I Contact HungryNaki?

Hungrynaki is the first food delivery company in Bangladesh which has been delivering us delicious foods for a long time. If you are a food lover, definitely visit hungrynaki website or app to order your most desired food. But if you have any query or facing problems regarding order issues, then you can easily contact the hungrynaki team now.

How to Contact HungryNaki?

Phone Call

If you are facing trouble for any order-related issue like your order is delayed or wrong food item delivered, then simply call this number: 16753.

Facebook and Instagram

You can raise your complaint and suggestion on Hungrynaki Facebook page now. While Hungrynaki Instagram can also be supportive for you anytime.

YouTube and Twitter

Now you can discuss food order-related issues by commenting on the Hungrynaki Youtube channel or you can connect with Hungrynai Twitter as well.

Keep ording your desired foods and stay connected with HungryNaki. Now hungrynaki will deliver your food within the quickest time ever. So, order online from your favorite nearby restaurants now.

order your favorite food from hungrynaki

How To Order From HungryNaki?

Feeling hungry? No worries, order food online. As HungryNaki is at your fingertips, there’s no need to go outside. But if you are a newby on hungrynaki, don’t worry. Food ordering process on hungry naki is very much simpler than other food delivery services. Want to know that, let’s follow this article then.

How to Order Food on HungryNaki?

Step 1:

Log in to HungryNaki with your mobile number. With a valid google account you can log in with the gmail id as well.

Step 2:

Now you have to find the preferred restaurants to order food. There will be a list of locations to choose from which you can select your area and start ordering foods from hungrynaki.

Step 3:

Here you will be shown a list page where you can find restaurants list as well as kitchen, store and Sweet items list; choose from this list whatever you need.

The popular restaurants which you love the most will be presented according to your nearby area. Now select one of them to order.

You will also be shown some popular dishes from your most favorite cuisines from where it will be very much easy to order tasty items.

Hungrynaki knows you don’t want to miss any lucrative deal. That’s why some top listed restaurants list will guide you properly to grab it.

Step 4:

As you have selected an item, add to cart it. A page will be shown as ‘My Cart’ where you can get a short brief of the selected item and it’s price rate as an invoice.

Now click on the ‘Place Order’ button. If you have any voucher and coupon or promo code, simply apply it.

Total 3 payment methods like Cash on Delivery, Mobile Payment and Online Payment; choose the suitable option and finish your order.

There’s always an advantage to enjoying the fastest food delivery from hungrynaki. And as most of the restaurants usually offer free home delivery, don’t let the hunger win. Keep ordering tasty foods. Happy eating!