Celebrations in Bangladesh and Food

Imagine you in your home on Eid Day morning. Everyone returned from Eid Prayers, getting ready for the day-long celebrations. What is the first thing you think of? We can make a cultured guess that you might just go to the kitchen to look at the plethora of delicious food your mother has been preparing since the day before. That is one of the many instances of our social, familial, and national culture entwined with food. Festivals are also synonymous with our culture. The Bangla saying goes “Baro Mashe Tero Parbon” which means 13 festivals in 12 months. That is how festivities are ingrained in our cultural spirit.

Bangla Culture is an old one and its festivals have a lineage that dates back to the start of the Indo-European civilization. The Mughals, The European Merchants, and of course the English Rule made significant contributions in changing the overall food culture. But the “Bangaliana” remains the same. Whenever we celebrate anything of national, religious, cultural significance we celebrate with food.

Let’s take a journey through festivals and food of Bangladesh and see how things have changed in both perceptions and observance of our festivals.

Bangla New Year

The quintessential Bengali celebration is the Bangla New Year or the Pohela Baishakh. This is the celebration of the beginning of the Bengali New Year on the first day of the first Bengali month, Baishakh. This has been a festival since the days of Mughal Emperor Akbar and has been observed with pomp and splendor ever since. Ilish Fry with Panta Bhaat is the signature dish that people love to eat. Many variations of Bharta (mash of potatoes, dried fish, beans etc.) is also one of the staples of this time. The Baishakhi Mela or fair is a yearly gathering where music, small rides, and of course many types of food are on sale in specific places. Although this tradition is fizzling out in the urban areas, the Baishakhi fair is a regular fixture in the rural and suburban areas. Many types of sweets like muri murki, jilapi, and street food like fuchka are sold to the public in these fairs. The Ramna Batamul and the Dhaka University Charukala institute area are the two places in Dhaka that still arrange something resembling a Baishakhi Fair. You can find variants of street food along with Baishakhi sweets here. Baishakhi Festival infuses culture with food in such a way that we are able to preserve our culture every year.

Ramzan Time Food

Probably one of the most spiritual months of the whole year is the month of Ramzan. In this month, Bengali Muslims fast during the day. They keep bad thoughts and bad intentions at bay. Also, they refrain from food and water. At Iftar time they break their fast. Because people have fasted during the day, they look for special and vibrant mixes of food in the iftar time. Piyaju, Beguni, Halim almost become a regular fixture in daily iftars. Then there is also a host of drinks like isop guler bhushi, labang, sharbat made from Gur, lacchi, borhani etc. which quench the thirst of the fasting populace. Iftar hubs within the city become crowded because of the unique taste they provide. Fruits like dates, watermelons, apples, and oranges also adorn the iftar table. The whole family sits and waits for the maghrib azan. Ramzan truly spells the time of strengthening spiritual, familial, and societal bonds. And, food plays a major role in doing just that.

Eid Celebrations

After a whole month of spiritual strengthening, people across the country rejoice in Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations. This along with Eid-Ul-Adha are two of the largest religious festivals in Bangladesh. After the month of Ramzan, Eid-ul-fitr is a celebration after a whole month of restraints from all consumption and purification of thoughts. Eid Day preparations start from the moment the Eid moon signals the day. A storm in the kitchen ensues. Payesh and Shemai preparations are on the way. Children peek in the kitchen asking for a taste test. On the Eid Day Khichuri, Polao, Beef-chicken-mutton dishes along with salads adorn the table. The men of the house perform ghusl, dress up, and eat something sweet before going for prayer, because it is sunnah. When they return from their prayer, the whole family sits together to have an eid feast.

Eid-ul-Adha is a bit different. This Eid symbolizes the sacrifice of the inner beast within human beings. We sacrifice domestic animals like cows, goats to symbolize the ending of our inner turmoil or evil in the name of the Almighty. This is also a prime time when the aromas of beef and mutton dishes permeate throughout the homes. Beef Curry, Kalabhuna, Kebabs, Grill, BBQ are eaten in the Eid-ul-Adha season. The sacrificed animals’ meat are donated to the needy people as well. Not only do family members enjoy delicious food, the marginalized people in the society also get a cut of the enjoyment. A prime example of food being the bridge of social harmony.

Peetha Puli and Nobanno Uthshab

Bangladesh is a land of Six Seasons. The climate vibrancy is unlike any other country in the world. Our food habits and cravings also correlate with the changing of season. Two festivals that signify the nexus of food and seasons. One is the Nobanno Uthshab. The Bengali Months of Kartik and Ogrohayon make up the season of Hemonto. This is a season when the new paddy is cut and brought to the homes of farmers. This is called the Nobanno Uthshab. The new rice from the new paddy forms the basis of tasty homemade food items. Boiled Rice, Khichuri, Polao and other rice items are made in this festival. But, the most popular item during this festival are the Peethas.

As Hemonto rolls into the winter season, the new rice and other ingredients are used to make a plethora of peethas. Whenever the winter season begins the preparation of peethas begins. Bhapa, Patishapta, Chitoi, many variants of the puli peetha, pakon, tal peetha, tel chitoi are some of the most popular peetha variants that every true bengali enjoys. We are still able to preserve these traditions because of their affiliation with food.

Puja Festivities

The Bangladeshi Hindu community observes many puja festivals during the year. Two of the major Puja festivals are Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. There are specific food items that are prepared for the Puja rituals. One of the special “Bhog” Item is the Vegetable Khichuri that is a staple of the Puja festivals. Another must-have is a Luchi and vegetable combo during the festival.

The Shift in the Food and Festival Culture

In the last decade or so there has been a visible shift in how we view festivals and food as a culture. Life has become busy and catching up with festivals has become quite a challenge with our hectic metropolitan lifestyles. With limited time in this mechanical life enjoying the flavors of celebration relies on how much allowance the industrial life gives us. But rapid globalization has enabled more flavors to enter our food culture. Famous franchises like KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and more have entered our food vocabulary. Italian, Indian, French, Mexican, Chinese cuisines are regulars among our favorites. Technology has made it possible for us to enjoy the flavors of festivals even from the comfort of our homes. With the advent of online food delivery services, you can enjoy exquisite Ilish fries on Pahela Baishakh at your home even if you had to attend an office event for the whole day, for example.

HungryNaki ushered in the era of online food delivery in Bangladesh. They are the first online food delivery service in Bangladesh who started operations in 2013. HungryNaki celebrates the foods of festivals even now with every major festival, HungryNaki provides their customers with convenient food delivery, vibrant menus, and popular restaurants in every festival season.

As we move on through this digital life, we have to cope with the changes in lifestyle and technology. This became apparent in the global pandemic as we had to depend on online delivery services. But one thing is for certain, festivals and food will always bounce off of each other and provide us a reason to celebrate the Bangladeshi culture.

Hungrynaki Birthday Bash Celebrations

Hungrynaki Birthday Bash is on!

Hungrynaki is celebrating its 8th Birthday this month. Hungrynaki is Bangladesh’s first premium online food delivery service. It is sort of the pioneer among Bangladeshi online food delivery services. Hungrynaki was founded in 2013 and in March 2021 it was acquired by Daraz, the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh. Hungrynaki has been providing online food delivery service for the longest time in Bangladesh and providing flavors-taste with great aplomb. To celebrate this grand occasion, Hungrynaki has started a 2 week-long celebration of flavors, food, and a festival. Let’s look at the various festivities of the Hungrynaki Birthday Bash.

Birthday Bash Festivities

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BOGO Offers

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Special Promo Codes

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Special Discounts on Nagad and Bkash

Digital payment systems are an important part of the online shopping experience. Food Delivery is no exception. Hungrynaki also acknowledges this and for the Birthday Bash, has offered up special discounts. People who finish payments with Nagad and Bkash will get special discounts during the birthday celebration period.

New User Discount

Hungrynaki greets the New Users with special discounts and promo codes. Birthday Bash is no different as New Users will have a Nobin Boron Offer during the period. New Users can get 100 taka off on 3 orders. 

The Hungry Show: Live With Celebrities

The Hungry Show is a live streaming show on Hungrynaki’s Social Media. Social Media and Educational personality Sakib Bin Rashid will host the show along with Celebrity Guests like Bidya Sinha Mim, Xefer, Raba Khan, and more. They will chat about their food likings, dislikings, and what their food facts are. This will be a fun show with lots of fun food banter about the guests and the host in celebration of the Birthday Bash. 

Dinner with Shakib

As the grand treat for the Birthday Bash, lucky winners of the contests will get a chance to win a dinner with Shakib Al Hasan. Apart from being the world’s best all rounder in cricket, and arguably the finest cricketer Bangladesh has produced; Shakib is also a brand ambassador for Hungrynaki. He wished Hungrynaki on their 8th Birthday. On top of that, 15 lucky winners with the highest order during the Birthday Celebration each day will get to have dinner with Shakib Al Hasan.

Celebrate with Hungrynaki

These are the main festivities regarding the Hungrynaki Birthday Bash festivities. There will also be special daily winners who will win lucky vouchers, Food Group Review Contests, Instagram food photography contests during the Birthday Bash period. So, if you want to celebrate food in a grand manner then get in the Hungrynaki Birthday Bash festivities and order your favorite foods. Remember Hungrynaki whenever You are Hungry!

The History of Spaghetti

The History of Spaghetti: The Pasta Supreme

The world of cuisine and eateries Italian items have a special place. There are quite a few food items that have become international hits. Pizzas have become a staple of fast food that has been adopted by the world’s biggest fast food franchises after hitting the U.S shores. But this one is not the only one. The Spaghetti item is one of the most iconic dinner items that has caught the attention of the world’s foodies. While a new foodie might think, “it’s noodles”, It has a further reaching effect. Let’s see the History of Spaghetti to get an idea of this Italiano Import.

Historical Origins

The Roman Empire became a force that conquered a huge area in the ancient periods. Through war, they came in contact with many types of cultures. One of the cultures they got acquainted with was the Arabic and Mespotamian cultures. In Arabian cultures flour based foods such as “Itriya” were quite popular. As a part of a conquest, the Arab empire managed to take over Sicily at a certain period of time. It became a base for the pasta dishes that eventually became Pasta.

After the first and second world wars, there were many Sicilian inhabitants who immigrated to the U.S. . If you follow the history of some of the most popular foods spread after coming to the U.S shores. Similarly, Spaghetti and other types of pasta also became quite popular. 

Spaghetti Like Many Italian Dishes, Spaghetti was also made popular by Italian immigrants

Textural Origins

Unlike French Fries, the origins of Spaghetti starts from the popular belief. Italian Spaghetti is the alpha version, without a doubt. We in Bangladesh like to label a certain type of dish Pasta. Whereas,  pastas are special flour based food items that exist in Italian cuisine. 

While there are many types of pasta, Spaghetti is special in its size, shape and texture. Pasta in itself may have been brought from China by Marco Polo. Then, the formula morphed into many variations. Spaghetti is one of those variations. In terms of the Spaghetti meaning, the word comes from the Italian word, Spago which means “string”. Unlike the soft pasta variations, its texture is more chewy. 

The originators made Spaghetti especially to be with Tomato sauces and virgin oil. At present, spaghetti goes with vegetables and also meatballs. Meatballs, though, have a special history themselves. 

Currently, January 4th, Spaghetti day is celebrated all over the world. It has become one of the most recognizable Italian dishes in the world. That is true for Bangladeshi restaurants as well. You can order your favorite Spaghetti dishes from your favorite restaurants from Hungrynaki!

The History of French Fries banner

History of French Fries : How French Are They?

If you have never heard of french fries then, I assume you don’t really like fast food. Most people who have had fast food in general in their life have ordered french fries with their burgers or just the fries on their own. This is the fundamental fast food item and its origins trace back to the 1700s or so. But that certain statement has some critics. One of the most common fast food items has one of the most debated origins. So, let’s dive into the history of french fries.

Origins: Is it really french?

The heading is kind of a shocker isn’t it? If you think that the french fries are really “French” then you are partially right, but only partially. Many historians agree that the true origins of french fries start from Belgium. Southern Belgian cities do speak french. The villagers in Belgium depended on the fish. 

Meuse River played a role in the origins of French Fries

The Meuse river had plenty of fish that villagers would catch and slice up to fry. But in the harsh winter season the river would freeze up and fish would not be an option. They would then depend on potatoes. They would slice and fry the potatoes in thin pieces. If you wanted to know who invented french fries, then the probable answer would be the Belgian villagers. 

The U.S and French Confusion

Thomas Jefferson made French Fries Popular during in the U.S

Now, at the times of global conflicts like the first world war and so, U.S soldiers would be stationed in specific places. Belgium and France would be one of those places. The soldiers liked the items so much that they would constantly order fries. President Thomas Jefferson used to have “French Prepared” Potato Slice fries on a consistent basis in his banquets. 

However, there is a group of people historians recall similar potato slice fries being sold in the streets of Paris. Similar to the Belgian villagers, French blue collar workers also depended on potatoes. Historians assume that french fries was a famous item.


As we mentioned, the French fries became an instant hit among the U.S soldiers. So much so, that they learned the preparation styles and brought it to U.S shores. Thus, French fries became a stable item on dinner plates all over the U.S . As with the origins of pizza, French fries also became one of the prime fast food items in American fast food places. That is how “Where did French fries originate?” became such a confusing topic.

Any food item that becomes popular in America, it also becomes a popular one all over the world. That is also true for french fries. From street vendors to world famous franchises, now french fries are a must-have item. McDonald’s in particular has been a great promoter of french fries across the world. 

While its origin might be disputed, what isn’t a dispute is the popularity of French fries. You can order your favorite French fries from Hungrynaki!

Steak Cooking Levels

Steak Cooking Levels: Know What you order

Steaks seem like the perfect meat dish, don’t they? Cut in a perfect shape, having the color, being the perfect dinner size; every aspect of a meaty, protein filled dinner can be found in a Steak. When you go to the restaurant and look through the menu, you might be tempted to order the largest t-bone steak they got! But, there is one thing that you need to take heed of. The thing is, the steak cooking levels. If you have never had steak, then knowing the difference between steak cooking levels may be very important for your steak eating experience. With Eid Festivities in full Swing, you might have a craving for the perfect steak with a meal of Bhuna Khichuri.

There are many levels of cooking steak and each of these levels depend on the time and temperature. We will now break down the levels of steaks. 

Steak Cooking Levels in depth

The Steak Cooking times and the temperature of the steak will determine what type of steak is being cooked. Here are the levels of steak cooking

  • Rare Steak
  • Medium Rare Steak
  • Well-Medium Steak
  • Medium Well Steak
  • Well Done Steak

Before going into the specifics of Each Cooking level, let’s see how you can determine the temperature. For this usually the restaurants use a meat thermometer. It’s just a regular thermometer to check the meat’s temperature. Usually, sticking the thermometer away from the bone or fat, in the thickest part of the meat tells the temperature. If you ever happen to cook a steak yourself, then this will help you.

Rare Steak

Image of Steak of Cooking Levels: Rare
Rare Steak is the pinkest

The Rare Steak is the closest to a raw steak you will see. This texture is achieved by cooking the steak as little as possible. The steak is cooked 49-55 Degrees Celsius for 5 minutes (1 inch steak). If you like raw steak, then go ahead and order a rare one. The Rare Steak is warm in the center, a little burned on the outside, brown on the sides, and in the middle its red. 

Medium Rare

Medium Rare
Medium Rare is red in the middle and a lighter pink in shade

If you go to a restaurant, and see no cooking levels in the menu, then chances are the steaks are cooked Medium Rare. Most Chefs use the Medium Rare as a standard of the steak being good. The Cooking temperature for the medium rare steak at a 55 to 57 Degree Celsius heat. The Center is pink in color and through the middle it should be warm throughout. The sides would caramelize with light brownish color. You can see grill marks on the steak. 

Medium  Steak

Medium is Drier in Texture

The Medium Done steak is good for a group of eaters. The texture of meat is good enough for a large group of people.  The temperature for this one is 60 to 66 Celsius. This steak is light pink in the middle, but a more brownish meat on the outside. There should be a rich brown color on the sides and have a blackened effect on the bottom.

Medium Well Steak

Medium Well
Medium Well Done Steak is the Second Driest in Texture

The Medium Well Steak is for those who like to chew into their meat and want a tougher texture of meat. The meat looks a hint of pink with a brown surface. The top will have a well-burned effect. Restaurants usually cook the meat in a 68 to 74 Degree Celsius heat. 

Well Done Steak

Well done
Well Done Steak is a Rarity in Steak Cooking

The Well Done Steak isn’t a favorite of eaters or makers. It’s not totally dried out and it will not have any pink parts in the meat. The meat will not be charred and it will be a brown shade on the sides and surface as well. Those who like the texture will have no other cooking level than well done. The meat is the hardest and stiffest and it is solid in touch. The ideal cooking temperature for Well done steak is 77 degree Celsius.

Now, you know the levels of steak, you can easily order your desired steak from Hungrynaki! We have the best steak restaurants on our list. Get on your phone and order your favorite steak with Hungrynaki!

Keto Diet Banner with Keto Foods

Keto Diet: What is it and should you go for it?

With the world slowly growing worried about their food habits, there are more and more diets that are popping up here and there. While many schools of thought regarding what certain diet you should follow, it truly depends on the food habits and dedication of the person. But among all these schools of thought, one of the popular ones is the Keto Diet. Other than paleo, atkins, vegan; Keto is a quality diet plan people can follow. Let’s break down some of the finer points of the Keto diet and let’s see if it is for you.

What it is

Keto is the extreme type of low carb diet. The diet involves extremely cutting back carbohydrates and replacing it with healthy fats. This will trick your immune system to treat fats as carbs. This state is called ketosis. This ketosis helps you burn fat faster, and helps you transfer energy to the liver as well as brain. Ketosis helps you reduce insulin levels and blood sugar. 

Benefits of Keto Diet

The Keto diet has quite a lot of benefits attached to it. Because it helps to control insulin and blood sugar, it can curb diabetes. Because keto diets can help burn fat faster, it helps you moderate your weight loss goals. Because it has a low carb intake, you will get enough energy to burn. If you practice intermittent fasting, then you can easily lose weight with the help of a keto diet. Keto foods include meats, fish, eggs, lactose items like cheese & butter, nuts, and seeds. Other keto diet benefits include curbing heart disease benefits as well. 

Keto Diet Food Examples
Avocados, Meats, Cucumbers and Dairy Products are good Keto foods.

Check out our omelette recipe here to add to your Keto food list

Side Effects & Negatives

A keto diet plan can have great benefits. But only if the overall food balance is maintained. If you consume proteins more than fats, then it becomes tough to achieve ketosis. Fat burning won’t be possible. Apart from that, there is the fact that eliminating carbs can be an extremely tough decision for some. Especially for people in Bangladesh who depend on rice and bread. The discipline needed to follow a ketogenic diet may be quite tough. If you cannot followit properly then it may not be able to achieve the intended results. For those who are not initiated, you might get keto flu. In this state you will see nausea, digestive problems, sleep issues, hunger fluctuations and more. 

The Ketogenic Diet has a lot of benefits and some drawbacks. If you can follow the diet with proper discipline then you can lose fat faster. You can spice up the table with some tasty keto recipes. This might have had this diet explained. If you want to follow a this Diet, you can order grocery items from Hungrynaki and also your favorite keto filled dishes from your favorite restaurants. 

History of Pizza: Origins of A fast food legend

Pizza is a circular flat bread that oozes cheese, meat, sauces, and salads. That is such a basic and almost criminal description of arguably one of the most famous items in fast food and comfort foods. Whenever you talk about fast food pizza and burgers are the first food items that float up in our mind. But, whenever we speak about Pizzas, we get caught up in its taste and ingredients. But don’t you ever want to know what the pizza’s origins are? Where did the round flat bread originated? And how did today’s pizza come to be? Well, we will be answering these questions today, as we tell you about the origins and a brief history of Pizza!

The beginnings

The history of the pizza timeline is a bit longer than you may think. Pizzas are an ancient form of food. Flatbreads with toppings such as the modern pizza, were regular items in the food tables of Romans, Ancient Egyptians, and Greeks. But the modern or traditional pizza came into existence in the city of Naples. Naples is an Italian city in the Southwestern region. Here, in the 1700s , Naples city had a lot of working class people. As a waterfront city, these working class, poor people became a dense part of Naples City. The people here had a need to consume quick meals to get to their work quickly. So, around that time, the round flatbread with herbs, toppings, and small fish like anchovies became quite popular. Thus, Pizza was born. Small street vendors in Naples, sold these Pizzas to meet the needs of the blue collar Naples workers. 

King Umberto and Queen Margherita Helped Popularize the Pizza in other parts of Italy

After the unification of Italy in 1861, Their king at the time (Umberto the first), travelled with his queen to naples. They had had enough of their upper class French standard of food that they were being served during their travels. So, the king ordered his subjects to bring a mix of Pizzas from Naples. Queen Margherita enjoyed Pizza topped with soft white cheese called Mozzarella along with tomatoes and green basil. That certain Pizza was named Pizza Margherita from then on.


Lombardi’s was one of the first Pizza restaurants in New York.

After the origin of Pizza, the flatbread would be just popular within Italy. After the 1940s though, Italian Immigrants would come to the shores of the United States, because of the raging World War. The immigrants from Naples came to U.S cities such as Boston, St. Louis in Missouri, Chicago, New Haven, and of course, New York. Immigrants would make crusty reimaginings of the Naples pizzas. As immigrants got work as factory help, the eating habits spread like wildfire. Non-Italians were also falling in love with the many toppings, smells, and cheesy goodness of the Naples delicacy. In Manhattan, Gennaro Lombardi was the first vendor who registered as a Pizza store in Manhattan. It’s still in operation to this day. There were many other pizza places opening up in the U.S. like Pepe’s, Mario’s, etc. 

History of Pizza: The Present

After the 2nd World War, American industries spread across the world. Pizza had already been established as an American import, in spite of its Italian origins. It spread across the world. Even Pizza places opened up in Bangladesh. Domino’s, Pizza Hut spread across 60 countries and now Pizza is an international fast food. 

Now, you can order your favorite Pizza from Hungrynaki. Choose from our wide variety of restaurants and enjoy your favorite pizza slice!

Prominent Comfort Foods are shown on a platter

What are Comfort Foods? Know exactly what they are

Food is one of the basic needs and a topic for spirited discussion among us. Our food gives us the energy to power through the day and keep our body functional. But food just doesn’t have to be a necessity. A very big part of food is providing enjoyment, giving fulfilment of the mind, and fulfilling the taste buds. That is where the term comfort foods come in. Because of the enjoyment portion, comfort foods have become a huge part of our regular food habits. But, more often than not, most people don’t really know of the term itself! So, here we are breaking down the question: “What are comfort foods?”

What is a Comfort Food?

We mentioned how we need food for our nutritional benefits. But, We also need food for our minds as well. Do you ever get a craving for a certain food? You might not have felt hungry in particular, but you just wanted to have something? On a summer day, you might have felt like having an ice cream cone or may have just wanted to get your favorite soft drink. This is what it means as a comfort food. Snacks, fast foods, ice cream etc. can be called comfort foods. So if you ever thought “Is ice cream a comfort food?”, then you were right. 

If we were talking about specific ingredients, then we would see that these foods have a lot of Carbohydrates or Sugar. But healthy comfort foods are also being made all over. So, there are healthy options that also give you comfort.  

So, any food can be a comfort food if it gives you enjoyment. Sometimes, if you have nostalgic value attached to a food item, then that’s also a comfort food. 

The Most popular Comfort foods in Bangladesh

Biriyani, one of the most popular  comfort food in Bangladesh
Biriyani, The most popular local comfort food in Bangladesh.

There are quite a lot of foods that we eat as comfort foods. As Bangladeshis, there are quite a few popular comfort foods. The most popular comfort food of local origin is the Biryani. It is one of the foods that Bengalis have to celebrate and feel good about an event or anything really. We even make biryani at home when we want to experiment. Jhalmuri is one of the more popular street foods which has a lot of nostalgic value attached to it. We can count on the fact that there are a lot of friends who are experts in gobbling down plates of Fuchka and Chotpoti! Puri, Piyaju, and Shingara are three small local restaurant foods that are also popular. These street foods along with Alur Dum, Bhelpuri, Chanachur mix, Gola Ice creams, Chori bhaja etc. are some of the most popular Deshi Comfort Foods you will encounter. 

But, in recent times foreign foods such as Pizzas, Chicken Fries burgers, pasta, spaghetti, chinese cuisines, and international fast food items are quite popular among Bangladeshi foodies as comfort foods. Continued success of international franchises such as KFC, Pizza Hut and recently Domino’s has only made international comfort foods much more appealing to Bangladeshi audiences.

Be Careful

While it is certainly enjoyable to be chowing down on your favorite comfort food dishes, you really have to make sure you don’t go overboard. Because comfort foods concentrate on the taste, many food items may not agree with your health goals. Be responsible and pace yourself when you are consuming comfort foods. So, mix it up with healthier options as well as tasty food items. You won’t be putting on extra weight and check your health goals at the same time.

Whatever may be your favorite comfort food, Hungrynaki has access to the highest quality of restaurants in Bangladesh. Check out the restaurants and have your favorite comfort food delivered to your doorstep.