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How to access the Hungrynaki Customer Care Number

While shopping for your favorite food items you might have some queries or issues regarding your food choices, restaurants, area selection or any type of question pertaining to Hungrynaki Services. Or, there might be some issues with your order. Your food might not have arrived, or it might be delayed. Hungrynaki Customer Care can easily solve these issues. You can call the Hungrynaki Customer Care Number and ask for support.  You can order from Hungrynaki easily but when there is an issue you need to speak to officials for support.

When you access our website through your Desktop and Laptop devices, then our homepage asks you to enter your location. Under the location search bar, you can see the contact number. 

Find the Number below the area locator.

The Hungrynaki Customer Care Number is 09678 454545.

If you forget the number after logging in then you can scroll down to absolutely the bottom of the website. You can see the Contact us link  at the bottom of the page. After clicking there, you can easily get the contact details there. 

Go to the contact us section

From the  app you can check the Hungrynaki  FAQ section. Just go to your profile at the corner and once you are there, go to the Help and Support section.

There you can see the FAQ section.  You can go to the and  to know more about how you can get in touch  with us or any other questions you may have about Hungrynaki Services. 

Keep shopping for your favorite food in Hungrynaki!

HN credit details

All You Need to Know about HN Credit/Wallet

If you are a regular customer of HungyNaki food delivery service, then you surely know about the HN credit. Moreover, the HN credit system is popular amongst the client. You can enjoy a convenient online food delivery service through HN credit.

Let’s have a detailed look at HN credit and how this can be used for a better customer experience-

What is HN credit?

Customers get HN Credit when they are qualified to receive a refund on their past orders. HN Credit can be applied to any type of food order in HungryNaki.

How do you receive HN credit?

Generally, HN Credit is given to customers for any kind of trouble with online payments. Also, if your order is canceled by our customer support due to certain reasons, the refund is settled as HN Credit in your HN Wallet. This usually takes place when you have prepaid food orders online.

How you can use HN credit?

You can order food online by using your HN credit in HungryNaki. HN Credit can be applied to any order by following the steps below:

  1. Create a regular order in the Hungry Naki app
  2. At the top of the screen, you’ll find HN Credit Icon
  3. That icon will take you to HN Credit Page where you can check your available HN Credit.
  4. Click on HN Credits that will take you to the cart.
  5. Confirm your order from the cart by tapping “Confirm Your Order”.

So what you are waiting for? The best online food delivery service HungryNaki is waiting for you with the best online food ordering experience in Bangladesh.

hungrynaki promo code

How To Collect HungryNaki Promo Code?

Are you hungry or looking for food to order from online? Then HungryNaki can be your perfect companion with all the tasty, safe and elegant foods. You can order your desired food from any restaurant in HungyNaki.

Not only that, you can get the best online food price in Bangladesh by using HungryNaki promo code.

Let’s see how we can collect HungryNaki promo code online-

  • Install the HungryNaki app on your phone
  • Login with your mobile number
  • Select your location
  • Now you can find all available promo code in the slider (top of the app)
  • You can also click on the ‘Offers’ icon just left of the home button (H)
  • Here you can find all the hot deals and discount offers of various restaurants nearby you

Now you can easily enjoy the most delicious food delivery at the lowest price in Bangladesh with our fastest home delivery system.

pay on hungrynaki

How To Pay on HungryNaki?

As HungryNaki is in your smartphone, there’s no need to go outside to eat in this risky Coronavirus situation. Hungrynaki is one of the most modern and famous food delivery services in Bangladesh. In this coronavirus situation, you can easily order food in HungryNaki from your favorite restaurant in Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chattogram, Sylhet, Khulna, and countrywide. The delicious food will find you through the fastest food delivery service in the town.

But how you can pay on HungryNaki? If you want to know, then let’s follow this guide-

  1. Login to HungryNaki app with your mobile number.
  2. After placing the order your desired, go to the cart section (you can find it at the rightmost icon)
  3. At the end of the cart page, you’ll find the ‘Payment Method’ section
  4. You can select cash on delivery, mobile payment, or online payment to pay on HungryNaki
  5. If you want to pay after receiving the food, select cash on delivery
  6. If you select Mobile Payment, you can able to pay with your bKash or Nagad account by entering your account credential
  7. You can also pay the bill with your HN credits

So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite food online in HungryNaki app and easily pay with your most suited payment method.

how to find your desired restaurants in hungrynaki

How To Find Preferred Restaurants on HungryNaki?

Hungrynaki is one of the popular food delivery services you can find in Bangladesh. You can order your favorite food from Dhaka, Narayanganj, Chattogram, Sylhet, Khulna and other parts of the country. But do you know how to find your desired restaurants in Hungrynaki, if not then let’s follow this article.

How to Find Restaurants in HungryNaki?

Step 1: Log In

At first you have to log in to Hungrynaki with your mobile no; an otp will be sent to that no through which you can log in to hungry naki successfully. But you can create an account with your email address as well.

Step 2: Choose Your Location

Now choose your location easily from where you want to order food. For example: Gulshan-1 is your preferred place. Choosing from the place list, now click on the ‘find food’ option. A popup will arrive to enter a mail address to provide you the online invoice.

Step 3: Order Food

Here you go, plenty of food cuisines are before you now. Top restaurants and top dishes are presented only for you so that you won’t feel any hassle ordering delicious food from nearby popular restaurants.

HungryNaki always ensures the quickest delivery to your location. So, bye the hunger and keep ordering morning breakfast items, lunch and dinner’s foods from hungrynaki. Happy eating!

contact hungrynaki

How Can I Contact HungryNaki?

Hungrynaki is the first food delivery company in Bangladesh which has been delivering us delicious foods for a long time. If you are a food lover, definitely visit hungrynaki website or app to order your most desired food. But if you have any query or facing problems regarding order issues, then you can easily contact the hungrynaki team now.

How to Contact HungryNaki?

Phone Call

If you are facing trouble for any order-related issue like your order is delayed or wrong food item delivered, then simply call this number: 16753.

Facebook and Instagram

You can raise your complaint and suggestion on Hungrynaki Facebook page now. While Hungrynaki Instagram can also be supportive for you anytime.

YouTube and Twitter

Now you can discuss food order-related issues by commenting on the Hungrynaki Youtube channel or you can connect with Hungrynai Twitter as well.

Keep ording your desired foods and stay connected with HungryNaki. Now hungrynaki will deliver your food within the quickest time ever. So, order online from your favorite nearby restaurants now.

order your favorite food from hungrynaki

How To Order From HungryNaki?

Feeling hungry? No worries, order food online. As HungryNaki is at your fingertips, there’s no need to go outside. But if you are a newby on hungrynaki, don’t worry. Food ordering process on hungry naki is very much simpler than other food delivery services. Want to know that, let’s follow this article then.

How to Order Food on HungryNaki?

Step 1:

Log in to HungryNaki with your mobile number. With a valid google account you can log in with the gmail id as well.

Step 2:

Now you have to find the preferred restaurants to order food. There will be a list of locations to choose from which you can select your area and start ordering foods from hungrynaki.

Step 3:

Here you will be shown a list page where you can find restaurants list as well as kitchen, store and Sweet items list; choose from this list whatever you need.

The popular restaurants which you love the most will be presented according to your nearby area. Now select one of them to order.

You will also be shown some popular dishes from your most favorite cuisines from where it will be very much easy to order tasty items.

Hungrynaki knows you don’t want to miss any lucrative deal. That’s why some top listed restaurants list will guide you properly to grab it.

Step 4:

As you have selected an item, add to cart it. A page will be shown as ‘My Cart’ where you can get a short brief of the selected item and it’s price rate as an invoice.

Now click on the ‘Place Order’ button. If you have any voucher and coupon or promo code, simply apply it.

Total 3 payment methods like Cash on Delivery, Mobile Payment and Online Payment; choose the suitable option and finish your order.

There’s always an advantage to enjoying the fastest food delivery from hungrynaki. And as most of the restaurants usually offer free home delivery, don’t let the hunger win. Keep ordering tasty foods. Happy eating!