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Hungrynaki is the first food delivery company in Bangladesh which has been delivering us delicious foods for a long time. If you are a food lover, definitely visit hungrynaki website or app to order your most desired food. But if you have any query or facing problems regarding order issues, then you can easily contact the hungrynaki team now.

How to Contact HungryNaki?

Phone Call

If you are facing trouble for any order-related issue like your order is delayed or wrong food item delivered, then simply call this number: 16753.

Facebook and Instagram

You can raise your complaint and suggestion on Hungrynaki Facebook page now. While Hungrynaki Instagram can also be supportive for you anytime.

YouTube and Twitter

Now you can discuss food order-related issues by commenting on the Hungrynaki Youtube channel or you can connect with Hungrynai Twitter as well.

Keep ording your desired foods and stay connected with HungryNaki. Now hungrynaki will deliver your food within the quickest time ever. So, order online from your favorite nearby restaurants now.

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