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Chillox Burger Review

9.2 out of 10
Best Part Their special chicken cheese, chicken cheese blast, Double Decker Chicken, and Smoky BBQ Cheese Chicken Burgers are amazing! These burgers are teeming with meat, the sauces are awesome, and there is ample amount of cheese to bite in. The Naga Drums are a welcome change for those who like the flow of spices. The absolute variety of burgers is the unique selling point of Chillox. Coupled with a price tag that is lower than its contemporaries, Chillox really does deliver. Needs Improvement One restaurant can just focus on one type of item, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there has to be some variety with other dishes. Other than an acceptable starter pack, Chillox lacks items in its menu. If there is any possibility of adding different fries variations, some pastry items, or maybe even a few pasta dishes, it would give buyers some variety to choose from. In essence Rounding up Chillox’s Review, overall it’s one of the best burger chains in Dhaka right now. Avid fans will tell you that. If you are a pure burger aficionado then Chillox is on the must-taste list. Although it lacks a few other dish items, it more than makes up with its large and uber-delicious set of burgers.
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Chillox is one restaurant that has helped to usher in the new burger popularity in Dhaka. If you haven’t heard about Chillox Burger yet, then you’re in luck. Our Review breaks down the good and the bad. Our Ratings gives a good over view of what you should expect from Chillox Burgers.

There’s no denying the fact that burgers have become one of the essential comfort foods in Bangladesh. At one point in time, the burgers we ate were but a pale imitation of the ones we get to enjoy today. Just two bun slices with a patty made of onions, and if you were lucky you would get a cheese slice! Small bakeries used to sell burgers like this. But now, the burger game has changed for the better. Restaurants and Chains have brought the international burger to the forefront with their own unique recipes. Chillox brings that international flair to their menu. The menu for Chillox Burgers has a wide range of burgers.

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