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Gloria Jeans Review

8.8 out of 10
Best Part This may be a no brainer, but the best part of the Gloria Jeans menu are the wide variety of coffees. The lattes and mochas are combinations of cream and coffee that will get you energized in the first sip or so. A Special Mention has to be given to the Caramel Nut Cappuccino and Italian Dolce Latte. It’s a favorite that we cannot keep our hands off. From the eateries, we would want to give special attention to the Grilled Dory main dish and the Chicken Picasso. Overall, the drinks and foods are of elite class. Needs Improvement The international standard of coffee might overshadow the tea section. We hope that the tea section will be enriched a bit. The Breakfast section of the menu also could use a little more items on the menu. In essence In an entirety, Gloria Jeans lives up to the international reputation that it has carried. Although the menu is quite overpriced, it’s coffee is worth the price. The food items also have an international quality. The overall variety of the menu is another plus point of the franchise.
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Gloria Jeans is an international coffee based franchise. It has come to the Bangladeshi shores and has become one of the must-go coffee places in Bangladesh for coffeeholics. It might be one of the most frequented coffee places in Dhaka. While there is a whole roster of coffee options to choose from, there are also snacks and meals that you can buy from Gloria jeans.

Our Review has broken down the many aspects of how the international coffee juggernaut has fared in Bangladesh. While tea-based alternatives and the price may be a bit steep, this brand has its followers. It is because of their international level of coffee blends and flavors on show. While we Bangladesh has a love affair with its lemon or masala tea, it is pretty apparent why coffee has gained such a following among Bangladesh.

You can check out the menu from Gloria Jeans Bangladesh. Order your favorite coffee, snacks, and Groceries from Hungrynaki as well.

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