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Haji Biryani Review

8.3 out of 10
Best Part The traditional flavor of the basmati kacchi is still intact. The special packaging and the leaf serving is a site to behold. Hardcore lovers of the biryani will tell you how the mustard oil ingredient makes the items so good. That is still true. The beef tehari holds true for this. This taste cannot be replicated anywhere other than Haji. The Basmati Chicken Biryani is the flagship offering from Haji. The Curry Murgi Roast item is the non-rice item that we would recommend. Needs Improvement We feel that the standard of taste may not seem the same. Because in the market of spicy biryanis, Haji might seem a bit bland to some. There aren’t as many package items in the roster as there are in the modern biryani stores. The items other than the ones we mentioned above, might be a bit disappointing to the uber-biryani lovers. In essence Haji holds the traditional door to biryani for people who want to truly appreciate the quintessential biryani. No matter what position in terms of flavor Haji is in at the moment, It is a must taste for hardcore biryani lovers. The Mustard Oil offering and basmati kacchi has a royal traditional feel. So, it’s a must have for biryani lovers. The price point is one of the more attractive points for Haji.
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Whenever you hear Dhaka and Cuisine in the same sentence, Biryani will pop up in one way or the other. Old Dhaka is famous for its eclectic collection of Biryani places. But that same fame has carried over to New Dhaka as well. Because of the traditional connection of Bangladeshis with biryani, biryani restaurants have become a mainstay of Dhakai food tradition itself. The biryani revolution that bled over the whole country happened because of some names in the biryani world. One name that us consistent in the biryani discussion is : Haji Biryani. This is one biryani brand, that people used to come to Old Dhaka specifically to eat. So, today you have a very good idea of what to expect from one of the best .

Haji Biryani Packaging for tehari.
Classic Haji biryani packaging.

As you see in the review breakdown above, presentation and unique taste of Haji Biryani has made it possible for it to sustain its longevity in the crowded biryani restaurants. But because of its acquired taste, Haji might disappoint some spicy biryani lovers. But their overall range of Khichuri, Tehari and meat-based items still puts it in a unique place in the hearts of biryani lovers.

While Haji Biryani is a must-have, you can also check out here how to make your own Chicken Biryani. Order groceries and more from Hungrynaki and Stay Safe this Eid.

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