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KFC Bangladesh Review

9 out of 10
Best Aspects Nothing Beats the special chicken flavor that you cannot find in any fried chicken. We don't exactly know what's in the famous secret recipe, but whatever it may be, the fried chicken and burgers of KFC taste unique. It is truly unique. Underwhelming Aspects The price point may just be a little high for many. An international brand such as KFC charges more for their food items. This is true for any international franchise in Bangladesh. The price might not be up to your taste. Overall Nevertheless, you should try KFC despite its price. because, that unique fried chicken taste is only available in KFC Fried Chicken and Burgers. Any foodie or fast food enthusiast should try KFC.
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If you are craving some hot spicy chicken items, then KFC is waiting to serve the best meal for you.

KFC (short for Kentucky Fried Chicken) is one of the world-known chicken restaurant chains. KFC Bangladesh is also most popular among chicken lovers. You can find KFC outlets in Dhaka, Chattogram, Bogura, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna and Sylhet. So if you have a sudden chicken craving, you can easily go to the nearest KFC restaurant to treat yourself. However, you can also get your favorite KFC food item right at home by HungryNaki home delivery.

The promise of quality that comes with the name KFC is really worth tasting. the Fried chicken of KFC as cheered by the world is also very good in the Bangladeshi Stores of the KFC outlets. KFC has surely kept its level of standard here in Bangladesh as well.

As an international brand, KFC Bangladesh has been pleasing local food lovers since 2006. You can find nice, gorgeous and elegant KFC outlets inside and outside Dhaka. However, KFC does not just give attention to well-decorated outlets, but also to the great quality of foods, attitude of the workers and the value it adds to the local food industry.

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There are several infamous KFC food items are waiting for you. KFC’s unique items are smoky grilled chicken, hot & crispy chicken. You can find here smoky red chicken, Hot & Crispy Chicken. Boneless Strips and Hot Wings. These smoky & crispy chickens are delicious enough to remind you of the slogan of KFC- It’s finger lickin’ good!

KFC has a lot of burger items like Tandoori Zinger Burger, Classic Zinger With Cheese, Super Charger Burger, Hot Chicken Burger, veggie Fusion burger, etc. Each of them is a treat for your tastebuds! They have also several tasty rice bowls like Hot and crispy Rice Bowl, Smoky Red Rice Bowl, Hot wings Rice Bowl, etc. You can also get snacks and your favorite beverages in KFC Bangladesh.

Food is always served fast, hot and fresh in KFC. Their price range is a bit more crucial than local restaurants but comparing to the quality and taste you’ll surely feel that the pricing is okay. Moreover, KFC often gives exciting offers such as a combo meal, buy one get one and many more impressive deals.

Now all your favorite KFC food is just at your fingertips in the HungryNaki app. Let’s order KFC items online and get your desired delicious food home by the fastest food delivery service in Bangladesh.

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