get refund from hungrynaki

How to Get Refund from HungryNaki?

First food delivery app (company) in Bangladesh HungryNaki is now well accessible across the major parts of the country. The popular restaurants with favourite dishes for which you are craving all are available in HungryNaki right now. But in case if any inaccuracy is felt in ordering food, grocery or medicine, there’s always an open option to return through which you will be refunded the exact amount of money you paid for the order.

How to get refund from hungrynaki returning the items

Firstly, login to hungrynaki account with your mobile number,

Secondly, Go to My Account option,

Thirdly, Click on Past Orders,

Fourthly, Now Select the Order you want to return and click on Return option.

Do you know what refund options are available right now in hungrynaki?

Now you can choose your preferred refund method which will be useful for you. The shipping fee is refunded along with the amount paid for your returned product.

The HungryNaki Refund Methods are:

  • HN Wallet
  • Bkash
  • Bank card

Want to know how long the refund process is?

Actually it depends on which refund method you have chosen. But no worries now HungryNaki refund process is way faster than before and you will be contacted about the real time period by the hungrynaki team.

What’s your experience in HungryNaki? Just let us know in the comment section to improve us more. Do you know that along with groceries, medicines are available in hungrynaki now. Order, Eat and Enjoy!

hungrynaki review of kacchi bhai

HungryNaki Reviews: Kacchi Bhai – Is This The Best Kacchi In Town?

If you are a kacchi lover, one of the most renowned kacchi brands in town, Kacchi Bhai must be well known for you. Usually those who like kacchi, like to get it as a whole package of basmati kacchi with mutton or beef rezala, chicken roast or chicken mosallam, beef jali kabab, borhani, jorda or firni and other special items. 

So, we are going to review the special kacchi biryani of Kacchi Bhai in a full swing!

First let’s have a look at what brings the kacchi menu of Kacchi Bhai –

  1. Kacchi Khadok: 390/- for 1 + 1080/- for 3 + 1820/- for 5 person
  1. Basmati Kacchi: 240/- for 1 + 700/- for 3 + 1180/- for 5 person
  1. Basmati Kacchi, Borhani, Firni: 320/- for 1 + 950/- for 3 + 1550/- for 5 person
  1. Basmati Kacchi, Chicken Roast, Borhani: 450/- for 1 + 1370/- for 3 + 2120/- for 5 person

Here’s the overall menu with the current price rate of Kacchi Biryani from Kacchi Bhai. Choose wisely which suits you the most. Besides this package, you can order separately a single by single item which is your biggest favourite.

Order Kacchi Bhai’s famous kacchi biryani from HungryNaki and save big as Hungry Naki offers delicious discounts that you don’t want to miss.