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Hungrynaki Reviews: Haji Biryani

Whenever you hear Dhaka and Cuisine in the same sentence, Biryani will pop up in one way or the other. Old Dhaka is famous for its eclectic collection of Biryani places. But that same fame has carried over to New Dhaka as well. Because of the traditional connection of Bangladeshis with biryani, biryani restaurants have become a mainstay of Dhakai food tradition itself. The biryani revolution that bled over the whole country happened because of some names in the biryani world. One name that us consistent in the biryani discussion is : Haji Biryani. This is one biryani brand, that people used to come to Old Dhaka specifically to eat. So, today you have a very good idea of what to expect from one of the best .

Haji Biryani Packaging for tehari.
Classic Haji biryani packaging.

As you see in the review breakdown above, presentation and unique taste of Haji Biryani has made it possible for it to sustain its longevity in the crowded biryani restaurants. But because of its acquired taste, Haji might disappoint some spicy biryani lovers. But their overall range of Khichuri, Tehari and meat-based items still puts it in a unique place in the hearts of biryani lovers.

While Haji Biryani is a must-have, you can also check out here how to make your own Chicken Biryani. Order groceries and more from Hungrynaki and Stay Safe this Eid.

Steak Cooking Levels

Steak Cooking Levels: Know What you order

Steaks seem like the perfect meat dish, don’t they? Cut in a perfect shape, having the color, being the perfect dinner size; every aspect of a meaty, protein filled dinner can be found in a Steak. When you go to the restaurant and look through the menu, you might be tempted to order the largest t-bone steak they got! But, there is one thing that you need to take heed of. The thing is, the steak cooking levels. If you have never had steak, then knowing the difference between steak cooking levels may be very important for your steak eating experience. With Eid Festivities in full Swing, you might have a craving for the perfect steak with a meal of Bhuna Khichuri.

There are many levels of cooking steak and each of these levels depend on the time and temperature. We will now break down the levels of steaks. 

Steak Cooking Levels in depth

The Steak Cooking times and the temperature of the steak will determine what type of steak is being cooked. Here are the levels of steak cooking

  • Rare Steak
  • Medium Rare Steak
  • Well-Medium Steak
  • Medium Well Steak
  • Well Done Steak

Before going into the specifics of Each Cooking level, let’s see how you can determine the temperature. For this usually the restaurants use a meat thermometer. It’s just a regular thermometer to check the meat’s temperature. Usually, sticking the thermometer away from the bone or fat, in the thickest part of the meat tells the temperature. If you ever happen to cook a steak yourself, then this will help you.

Rare Steak

Image of Steak of Cooking Levels: Rare
Rare Steak is the pinkest

The Rare Steak is the closest to a raw steak you will see. This texture is achieved by cooking the steak as little as possible. The steak is cooked 49-55 Degrees Celsius for 5 minutes (1 inch steak). If you like raw steak, then go ahead and order a rare one. The Rare Steak is warm in the center, a little burned on the outside, brown on the sides, and in the middle its red. 

Medium Rare

Medium Rare
Medium Rare is red in the middle and a lighter pink in shade

If you go to a restaurant, and see no cooking levels in the menu, then chances are the steaks are cooked Medium Rare. Most Chefs use the Medium Rare as a standard of the steak being good. The Cooking temperature for the medium rare steak at a 55 to 57 Degree Celsius heat. The Center is pink in color and through the middle it should be warm throughout. The sides would caramelize with light brownish color. You can see grill marks on the steak. 

Medium  Steak

Medium is Drier in Texture

The Medium Done steak is good for a group of eaters. The texture of meat is good enough for a large group of people.  The temperature for this one is 60 to 66 Celsius. This steak is light pink in the middle, but a more brownish meat on the outside. There should be a rich brown color on the sides and have a blackened effect on the bottom.

Medium Well Steak

Medium Well
Medium Well Done Steak is the Second Driest in Texture

The Medium Well Steak is for those who like to chew into their meat and want a tougher texture of meat. The meat looks a hint of pink with a brown surface. The top will have a well-burned effect. Restaurants usually cook the meat in a 68 to 74 Degree Celsius heat. 

Well Done Steak

Well done
Well Done Steak is a Rarity in Steak Cooking

The Well Done Steak isn’t a favorite of eaters or makers. It’s not totally dried out and it will not have any pink parts in the meat. The meat will not be charred and it will be a brown shade on the sides and surface as well. Those who like the texture will have no other cooking level than well done. The meat is the hardest and stiffest and it is solid in touch. The ideal cooking temperature for Well done steak is 77 degree Celsius.

Now, you know the levels of steak, you can easily order your desired steak from Hungrynaki! We have the best steak restaurants on our list. Get on your phone and order your favorite steak with Hungrynaki!

Keto Diet Banner with Keto Foods

Keto Diet: What is it and should you go for it?

With the world slowly growing worried about their food habits, there are more and more diets that are popping up here and there. While many schools of thought regarding what certain diet you should follow, it truly depends on the food habits and dedication of the person. But among all these schools of thought, one of the popular ones is the Keto Diet. Other than paleo, atkins, vegan; Keto is a quality diet plan people can follow. Let’s break down some of the finer points of the Keto diet and let’s see if it is for you.

What it is

Keto is the extreme type of low carb diet. The diet involves extremely cutting back carbohydrates and replacing it with healthy fats. This will trick your immune system to treat fats as carbs. This state is called ketosis. This ketosis helps you burn fat faster, and helps you transfer energy to the liver as well as brain. Ketosis helps you reduce insulin levels and blood sugar. 

Benefits of Keto Diet

The Keto diet has quite a lot of benefits attached to it. Because it helps to control insulin and blood sugar, it can curb diabetes. Because keto diets can help burn fat faster, it helps you moderate your weight loss goals. Because it has a low carb intake, you will get enough energy to burn. If you practice intermittent fasting, then you can easily lose weight with the help of a keto diet. Keto foods include meats, fish, eggs, lactose items like cheese & butter, nuts, and seeds. Other keto diet benefits include curbing heart disease benefits as well. 

Keto Diet Food Examples
Avocados, Meats, Cucumbers and Dairy Products are good Keto foods.

Check out our omelette recipe here to add to your Keto food list

Side Effects & Negatives

A keto diet plan can have great benefits. But only if the overall food balance is maintained. If you consume proteins more than fats, then it becomes tough to achieve ketosis. Fat burning won’t be possible. Apart from that, there is the fact that eliminating carbs can be an extremely tough decision for some. Especially for people in Bangladesh who depend on rice and bread. The discipline needed to follow a ketogenic diet may be quite tough. If you cannot followit properly then it may not be able to achieve the intended results. For those who are not initiated, you might get keto flu. In this state you will see nausea, digestive problems, sleep issues, hunger fluctuations and more. 

The Ketogenic Diet has a lot of benefits and some drawbacks. If you can follow the diet with proper discipline then you can lose fat faster. You can spice up the table with some tasty keto recipes. This might have had this diet explained. If you want to follow a this Diet, you can order grocery items from Hungrynaki and also your favorite keto filled dishes from your favorite restaurants.