The History of Spaghetti: The Pasta Supreme 0

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The world of cuisine and eateries Italian items have a special place. There are quite a few food items that have become international hits. Pizzas have become a staple of fast food that has been adopted by the world’s biggest fast food franchises after hitting the U.S shores. But this one is not the only one. The Spaghetti item is one of the most iconic dinner items that has caught the attention of the world’s foodies. While a new foodie might think, “it’s noodles”, It has a further reaching effect. Let’s see the History of Spaghetti to get an idea of this Italiano Import.

Historical Origins

The Roman Empire became a force that conquered a huge area in the ancient periods. Through war, they came in contact with many types of cultures. One of the cultures they got acquainted with was the Arabic and Mespotamian cultures. In Arabian cultures flour based foods such as “Itriya” were quite popular. As a part of a conquest, the Arab empire managed to take over Sicily at a certain period of time. It became a base for the pasta dishes that eventually became Pasta.

After the first and second world wars, there were many Sicilian inhabitants who immigrated to the U.S. . If you follow the history of some of the most popular foods spread after coming to the U.S shores. Similarly, Spaghetti and other types of pasta also became quite popular. 

Spaghetti Like Many Italian Dishes, Spaghetti was also made popular by Italian immigrants

Textural Origins

Unlike French Fries, the origins of Spaghetti starts from the popular belief. Italian Spaghetti is the alpha version, without a doubt. We in Bangladesh like to label a certain type of dish Pasta. Whereas,  pastas are special flour based food items that exist in Italian cuisine. 

While there are many types of pasta, Spaghetti is special in its size, shape and texture. Pasta in itself may have been brought from China by Marco Polo. Then, the formula morphed into many variations. Spaghetti is one of those variations. In terms of the Spaghetti meaning, the word comes from the Italian word, Spago which means “string”. Unlike the soft pasta variations, its texture is more chewy. 

The originators made Spaghetti especially to be with Tomato sauces and virgin oil. At present, spaghetti goes with vegetables and also meatballs. Meatballs, though, have a special history themselves. 

Currently, January 4th, Spaghetti day is celebrated all over the world. It has become one of the most recognizable Italian dishes in the world. That is true for Bangladeshi restaurants as well. You can order your favorite Spaghetti dishes from your favorite restaurants from Hungrynaki!

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