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Food is one of the basic needs and a topic for spirited discussion among us. Our food gives us the energy to power through the day and keep our body functional. But food just doesn’t have to be a necessity. A very big part of food is providing enjoyment, giving fulfilment of the mind, and fulfilling the taste buds. That is where the term comfort foods come in. Because of the enjoyment portion, comfort foods have become a huge part of our regular food habits. But, more often than not, most people don’t really know of the term itself! So, here we are breaking down the question: “What are comfort foods?”

What is a Comfort Food?

We mentioned how we need food for our nutritional benefits. But, We also need food for our minds as well. Do you ever get a craving for a certain food? You might not have felt hungry in particular, but you just wanted to have something? On a summer day, you might have felt like having an ice cream cone or may have just wanted to get your favorite soft drink. This is what it means as a comfort food. Snacks, fast foods, ice cream etc. can be called comfort foods. So if you ever thought “Is ice cream a comfort food?”, then you were right. 

If we were talking about specific ingredients, then we would see that these foods have a lot of Carbohydrates or Sugar. But healthy comfort foods are also being made all over. So, there are healthy options that also give you comfort.  

So, any food can be a comfort food if it gives you enjoyment. Sometimes, if you have nostalgic value attached to a food item, then that’s also a comfort food. 

The Most popular Comfort foods in Bangladesh

Biriyani, one of the most popular  comfort food in Bangladesh
Biriyani, The most popular local comfort food in Bangladesh.

There are quite a lot of foods that we eat as comfort foods. As Bangladeshis, there are quite a few popular comfort foods. The most popular comfort food of local origin is the Biryani. It is one of the foods that Bengalis have to celebrate and feel good about an event or anything really. We even make biryani at home when we want to experiment. Jhalmuri is one of the more popular street foods which has a lot of nostalgic value attached to it. We can count on the fact that there are a lot of friends who are experts in gobbling down plates of Fuchka and Chotpoti! Puri, Piyaju, and Shingara are three small local restaurant foods that are also popular. These street foods along with Alur Dum, Bhelpuri, Chanachur mix, Gola Ice creams, Chori bhaja etc. are some of the most popular Deshi Comfort Foods you will encounter. 

But, in recent times foreign foods such as Pizzas, Chicken Fries burgers, pasta, spaghetti, chinese cuisines, and international fast food items are quite popular among Bangladeshi foodies as comfort foods. Continued success of international franchises such as KFC, Pizza Hut and recently Domino’s has only made international comfort foods much more appealing to Bangladeshi audiences.

Be Careful

While it is certainly enjoyable to be chowing down on your favorite comfort food dishes, you really have to make sure you don’t go overboard. Because comfort foods concentrate on the taste, many food items may not agree with your health goals. Be responsible and pace yourself when you are consuming comfort foods. So, mix it up with healthier options as well as tasty food items. You won’t be putting on extra weight and check your health goals at the same time.

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